Mobile Patrol

A dedicated team of proactive and reactive mobile patrol
drivers to provide Alarm Response, Keyholding, and Security Patrol services

Mobile patrols, keyholding, alarm response and void property inspections

We have a dedicated team of proactive and reactive mobile patrol drivers to provide Alarm Response, Keyholding, and Security Patrol services to give our clients a comprehensive cover for premises during or out of hours.

On arriving to any premises, our fully trained mobile patrol officers will have detailed assignment instructions of each premises, and will be familiar with any risks and what actions will need to be taken in response to any situation onsite.

An empty property is a vulnerable property. We can carry out spot checks and out-of-hours patrols to ensure the site is safe with no signs of intrusion. We can even unlock your premises prior to staff commencing work and /or carry out an internal patrol and lock down once they have left for the day.

We can also provide a lone worker escort service for vulnerable employees on site outside normal office hours.

Mobile Patrol

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Keyholding and Alarm Response is the most commonly required service by customers. At the end of each working day you simply set your intruder alarm and go home for the evening. In the event of an incident occurring out of working hours we will be dispatch one of our SIA licenced patrol drivers to your premises to investigate and deal with the situation.

In the event of a break in our SIA licenced patrol drivers will follow assignment instructions for your site that are completed at the site survey prior to commencing our services. All our patrol drivers are trained in dealing with break ins and the importance of evidence preservation for police. Our mobile patrol driver will not leave a customers premises until issues are resolved or you have given us permission to stand down.

From boarding up, gas and electricity problems to intruder alarm failures we will work closely with your suppliers on your behalf to take the burden away from you.

What happens if it is a false alarm? Our SIA licenced patrol drivers will ascertain, where possible, the cause of the false alarm in order to prevent reoccurring callouts. A majority of intruder alarm call outs are found to be false alarms, caused by a number of events but most commonly is windows being left open and common faults on intruder alarm systems. In the event of your premises generating unusually high numbers of false alarms our patrol driver will attend site to try to resolve the issue or we will attend during working hours to liaise with the client. In any event false alarms are always correctly reported and customers.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrols are designed to give you a physical and regular security presence on your site. The officer will arrive at your site and complete a full patrol of your building to ensure all is in order before setting intruder alarms and locking up. This means that any potentially vulnerable areas of your site can be regularly checked, improving your overall security. Mobile Patrols are a visual deterrent meaning that any undesirables in your area will soon realise that the premises are regularly visited making your site less attractive to potential vandals and thieves.

Do I really need mobile patrols?

For many customers mobile patrols have proven to be a convenient and cost effective method of reducing problems such as:

  • Vandalism
  • Break ins
  • Theft of valuables
  • Theft of IT equipment

Mobile Patrols are normally chosen by businesses who are conscious of the impact that a lack of business continuity could have on their operations and are keen to trade in a safe manner every day.

How many should I have?

As a minimum we would suggest that clients consider having two mobile patrols per night and if your business closes at weekends that this is increased to cover a 24 hour period. This ensures that we can generate a random pattern of visits.

Locking and Unlocking Services

Unless you are a 24 hour operation, a company employee must be first to arrive at your site and last to leave and are normally left with the job of unlocking doors and un-setting/setting alarms.

This is the most vulnerable time of the day for your employees as many will be alone and have access to all areas of your business. Our locking and unlocking service takes the stress and strain away from this person as our licensed mobile patrol officer will attend your site and perform these duties on your behalf.

At a designated time each evening our mobile patrol driver we will arrive to commence the locking/unlocking service completing a full walk of the premises, turning off any non-essential appliances such as photocopiers, lights and air-conditioning units, as well as making sure that the intruder alarm is set and the fire alarm is functioning before locking the doors and departing. Your team members simply leave for home at their normal time and do not retain any responsibility for doing this. In the morning the patrol officer returns and opens up, switching on the appliances that were turned off the night before and ensuring that the building is ready for business that day.

Switching off non-essential appliances overnight will assist in reducing your carbon footprint helping you become more environmentally friendly.

Does my business require unlocking/locking?

Many companies contract this service in situations where staff are uncomfortable opening and closing the building or it does not comply with Lone Working policies in place. Also to consider:

  • What happens when the person normally responsible for this is on holiday?
  • What happens if they are off sick?
  • What happens if they leave the business?

Void Property Inspections

There are numerous empty premises throughout the UK which need to be protected from vandalism, fire, squatters and theft. If your business has recently moved premises and is still responsible for the previous premises or has downsized and left behind empty buildings are you aware that most insurance companies require regular inspections of the property to be carried out?

Void Property Inspections can be tailored to suit the customers requirements, and to satisfy the insurance company each VPI will include:

  • Physical check of outside of property for damage or theft
  • Physical check of inside of property for damage or theft, squatters or evidence of illegal entrance
  • Removal of mail
  • Meter readings of electric and gas utilities

Do I need a void property inspection?

If you have empty properties we strongly recommend that you contract us to undertake this service on your behalf once consulted with your insurers. Many insurance companies make these inspections a compulsory requirement of cover and will discount premiums if a security company is contracted to deliver them.

How often should I have them and how much will they cost?

Insurers normally require weekly inspections, but there are a number of factors involved when determining the number of inspections. If you are unsure please send us an enquiry. Please send us an email enquiry to arrange full comprehensive site survey of your premises.

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