Workforce Time & Attendance Software

Time and attendance software tailored to your business

Time and Attendance Software Package

Providing your project with the information and data you require in real time; our time and attendance software provides a tailored solution to fit the needs of your business.

Time and attendance software reduce administration backlogs of data, overall labour costs and removes human error. With all your accurate, up to the minute information held securely online via a web base platform you can say goodbye to manual time sheets and signing in books.

This gives you and your project managers immediate access to live and past data, meaning you can react to any changes and retrieve information that would historically take up vital time in locating and processing the information. This software reporting tool improve your management information and reporting capabilities, sending you regular email alerts and reducing the need for hard copy documentation. This software package is tailored to each individual business/project needs.

Workforce Time & Attendance Software

Tailored solutions to meet your requirements

By using our workforce time attendance software this gives each project up to date visibility of who is on your site at anyone given time and covers all areas of workplace management.

Our package report, by automated emails to our customers gives the information required, for example, payroll for hours worked, fatigue management, valid competency qualifications data for businesses that have specific requirements for workers being allowed to work onsite and each individual member of staff's carbon footprint.

Workforce Time & Attendance Software

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