Vehicle Tracking

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Fleet & Plant Tracking

If your business relies on one or more vehicles, Fleet Tracking can help to save money for both you and your customers, whilst bringing you peace of mind that your assets and employees safe. Here at FRFM we offer state of the art GPS fleet tracking technology that allows businesses to study your fleet productivity and performance.

What are the benefits of using FRFM fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking technology helps companies manage their day to day overheads, helping them to minimise inefficiencies and increase your bottom line.

This is because fleet trackers help management understand where excess fuel consumption is taking place, alongside a range of other issues including unauthorised vehicle usage and inefficient route planning and driving patterns.

Vehicle Tracking


As companies that use a fleet of vehicles are well aware, as soon as a vehicle leaves the premises, it then becomes a representative of the organisation when on the road. Fleet trackers enable business supervisors and management to track and analyse their driver’s behaviour.

Including speeding reports, unnecessary acceleration notifications, and other alerts, our fleet tracking system gives clear insights into driver habits and road conduct.

Lower company insurance costs

Another financial benefit of fleet tracking systems is that insurance companies regularly reduce premiums for fleets or vehicles that have GPS tracking systems installed.

In the event of a vehicle being stolen we can set parameters to each vehicle fitted with a tracking- devices to automatically alert when vehicles is being use outside of the set business timings. Our tracking systems assist in the recovery of stolen assets and vehicles, meaning that commercial vehicles can be recovered quickly in the unfortunate situation of theft.

To find out more about what our Fleet Trackers can offer you, send us an enquiry and one of our team will get back to you.

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

For businesses reliant on fleets of all sizes, at FRFM we understand how important it is for your drivers to arrive at their destinations safe.

Whether your business has only a few vehicles, or an entire fleet, keeping track is crucial to minimising a business’s overheads and encouraging growth and profitability.

Our vehicle tracking systems help our clients keep track of their fleet ensuring maximum productivity, customer satisfaction, and driver safety.

Vehicle Tracking

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